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Our Services

Right Property Group is more than just a buyers agency. Over the past 14 years, we’ve created Australia’s premiere
full service, start-to-finish property advisory service with on-going investment guidance at no additional cost.

Traditional Buyers Agent

  • Location search
  • Property negotiation

Right Property Group

  • Portfolio strategy design
  • Ongoing portfolio reviews and strategic advice
  • Location search
  • Property negotiation
  • Ongoing day to day support
  • Complete settlement process support
  • Introduction to Property Managers, Conveyancers, Insurers etc
  • Help choosing a tenant



Unique 3 team approach

  • Property Strategists
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Purchasing Assistants

Why would I engage Right Property Group?


Trusted advice. As one of Australia’s most established buyer’s agencies, Right Property Group is frequently invited to comment on a range of property issues around the nation for outlets such as the ABC and Sky News. Many find their research-based opinion and up-to-the-minute market knowledge a source of expert insight and confidence when navigating the world of Australian property investing.

Specialised experience. With a network of industry professionals virtually unmatched, the RPG team is able to find and present more opportunities, more often, providing a true competitive edge to their clients. Thanks to their unique 3 team structure, in-house property strategists are able to work with dedicated on-the-ground buyers agents to source, negotiate, and purchase carefully selected investment properties in as quick as 6 weeks on average.

Proven methodology. The RPG Method, a proven way of building property portfolios that outperform the market, has seen consistent success over the past two decades. And, unlike other alternatives, the RPG Method places emphasis on providing ongoing support and advice at no additional cost, meaning many are able to realise their financial and investment goals sooner. This active, hands-on investing experience allows clients to enjoy real confidence when investing in property.


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